It can be used on walls such as doors and baseboards.

It’s a finish that leaves everything with a light touch of shine. Very blended when
used in light colors such as off-white. Cleaning is easy and can be done with a
damp cloth. In this regard, the satin finish is also very good for dark walls. They
may not look as beautiful as the matte ones, since dark walls with a matte finish
are easily marked by scratches, dust, grease and when cleaning, they stain more
easily. However, they last much longer.
Satin is a great choice for frequently used spaces, such as bedrooms, hallways and
game rooms, for its ease of cleaning.
Painting services for houses
It has an intermediate gloss level, which is between satin and gloss. Perfect for
kitchens, bathrooms, washrooms, places with some humidity and where you wash
It is especially used in window and door wood. Applying about four coats at
intervals of drying, you get an effect close to that of lacquer. It is very resistant and
easy to clean. All you’ll need is a damp cloth and mild detergent. It is not very
suitable for walls or ceilings (unless that is your objective), as they accentuate
defects and imperfections.