Type of paint and its application

Latex PVA
It is manufactured on a water basis and its main indication is for internal walls, especially the
ceiling and in dry areas that do not require constant maintenance. Its resin does not allow for
variation in brightness, so there is only a matte finish.
Its main advantages are fast drying and a discreet smell after painting. Among the
disadvantages, we highlight the low resistance to sun and water. Cleaning should not be done
by washing — just use a damp cloth.
Unlike latex, it has acrylic resins. The result is a waterproof product, ideal for exterior painting
and use in wet interior areas such as kitchens and washrooms.
Among the benefits are quick drying, water solubility and impermeability, which we have
already discussed. It can also be washed without compromising on appearance or durability.
On the market, consumers will find acrylic paints with three types of finish: matte, semi-gloss
or satin. The first option is not as resistant to washing, but it is the one that least highlights the
imperfections of the wall.
The other two, while guaranteeing a finer result, highlight the irregularities of the surface.
Therefore, it is essential to carry out an impeccable pre-finish before applying them. Infinity Pro painting houses sudbury